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See a Random Slashdot Story from 2017 ( 38

An anonymous reader writes: Happy New Year, Slashdot! To say goodbye to 2017, I've created a web page that displays random Slashdot stories from the year gone by.

It chooses a page from over 6,600 different URLs -- every story that Slashdot ran in 2017. And every time you reload this page, it pulls up a different story from 2017.

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See a Random Slashdot Story from 2017

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  • We are in the Golden Age of Slashdot.

  • Been visiting here since 1998 (spring, so not quite 20 years sadly) when I had a much lower UID, lost to the winds with an old work related email. Sadly, this place has lost its soul and has really become a cesspit of US politics where it was once a great place to talk about news for nerds. So much hateful AC'ing which seemed like a good idea originally but is now a stupid mechanism. I'm done, sad to say goodbye but time for this place to die. Sadly, it's unlikely in the current climate that anything like
    • I'm an EE, and love technology but the Internet has turned to fucking shit and much of it needs pulling the plug on now, permanently. Good luck and much love.

      20 years ago, give or take a season, there was much less available internet content and there were far fewer users. Of the users in the wild, wild west of '98, I'd say it's a fair gambit a much larger portion of the crowd [] had tech or computer backgrounds.

      There is no surviving 20+ years on a fickle internet without some compromise to cover the bills. Sad and not very idealistic, but it's the World the internet has grown into.

      Hope you'll reconsider.

      • Nicely put, and I think you're right. I'm sure automobile gearheads back in the stone age of cars probably complained when every moron with a drivers license would talk about cars, and they couldn't even work on one!

  • If I want to see a tech story from months ago I can just go to the Slashdot front page.

  • Does that number in TFS include dupes or not. And, does whatever picks the random story take dupes into account? There might be some small point to this if the dupes are filtered out, but if not, there's too much of a chance that when you reload the page, you'll just get a different copy of the same story.
  • by slashmydots ( 2189826 ) on Sunday December 31, 2017 @10:59PM (#55841677)
    So basically...Some Apple crap is defective again. Some Apple crap is defective again. Some Apple crap is defective again. Some Apple crap is defective again.

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