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Updated Slashdot Story Submission Bookmark 48

We recently redesigned the Submission Form to make it (hopefully) a little easier for you to shovel news our way. The new system also will allow you to tag your submissions. A reminder that you can participate in rating stories and filtering spam from the recent submissions page. And by bookmarking this convenient bookmarklet you can submit stories from the comfort of whatever web page you are browsing.
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Updated Slashdot Story Submission Bookmark

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  • by eldavojohn ( 898314 ) * <eldavojohn&gmail,com> on Monday October 12, 2009 @12:20PM (#29720059) Journal

    I noticed this a while ago when I went to post a story. Mostly, it's rather nice, but I do miss one feature:

    Can it be made so that my link points to something other than my email address? I used to change it on every submission to point to my website, and actually I'd like to set that as the default.

    Was there a reason that choice was removed, or was it an unintended effect/feature without priority?

    Click your name in the submission and a box should appear that allows you to change it from your entered e-mail address to whatever you want.

    I am having a problem with the javascript bookmarklet in Firefox 3.5.2 where it is not recognizing me as logged in when I use the bookmarklet to popup the window and submit the story. And then when I click "Log In" it takes me to a blank submission page with no data (but I am logged in). Is this a known bug? Shouldn't it grab that information and log in status from a cookie or something when I'm logged in in another tab? Aside from that, it looks really slick and I'm excited I won't have to switch between windows so much while paraphrasing articles! Well done!

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