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+ - An Interview with Jerry Pournelle->

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CowboyRobot writes "Jerry Pournelle served in the Army during the Korean War, holds masters' degrees in experimental statistics and systems engineering, and Ph.D.s in psychology and political science. He went on to work at Boeing on Project Thor, studying kinetic projectile space bombardment. But he is best known for his long-running column at BYTE, "Computing At Chaos Manor", as well as his sci-fi novels, especially those he wrote with Larry Niven, including The Mote in God's Eye and Oath of Fealty.

BYTE has a 4-part interview and series of podcasts with Pournelle, in which he discusses topics ranging from how sci-fi writers predict the future to why the Internet will never die: 1] Computers and Science Fiction, 2] ARPAnet, Totalitarianism, And Productivity, 3] Ebooks, and 4] Using Multimedia To Sell Books

"I don't believe you can predict the future. But I think you can invent it. Now that's not original with me. Dandridge Cole said it a very long time ago, and many have repeated it in one way or another. But it is true. In one sense, the Air Force invented the computer revolution because it wanted to have more accurate ballistic missiles.""

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An Interview with Jerry Pournelle

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