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By now you’ve noticed that Slashdot is growing. We recently introduced Slashdot TV, which offers up everything from “amateur” rocket launches to the return of Leisure Suit Larry. We revamped our newsletters. Now we’re launching some new sites devoted to very specific corners of tech. Our first one, SlashBI, focuses on the fast-changing world of business intelligence, and features articles and opinion pieces on everything from how Big Data and analytics could make salespeople extinct, to B.I. apps for your iOS device, to choosing the right database for a business. No matter what your background, chances are good you’ll find something of interest here. Swing on over, give it a look-see, and let us know what you think.
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Introducing SlashBI

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  • by mrpacmanjel (38218) on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @08:48AM (#39855939)

    Slashdot is a different beast now.

    I've been following Slashdot since the 90s and it just seems to be evolving into another unfocused blog.

    I loved reading Slashdot everyday(mostly!) but it just is not the same anymore.

    As a geek I felt I belonged to a site like this and felt very comfortable here. It's also one of the very few sites where I can be arsed actually commenting on anything.

    But over the past few weeks the story submissions are becoming less relevant to me now and Slashdot has become a less interesting place to be.

    Not to mention this new "B.I. feature" contains a link to "choosing the right database for your business" - yeah telling a site full of IT geeks how to choose the right database is a "smart" thing to do (even from a "business" perspective) - how patronising!

  • Holy crap (Score:5, Informative)

    by PCM2 (4486) on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @09:00AM (#39856033) Homepage

    Has anyone actually looked at that site? Holy crap, that's all I can say. I'm floored. It has all the appeal to a longtime /. reader of a piece of dog shit on your shoe. I'm having a hard time understanding how it even came to exist. I'm actually really depressed now.

  • by bazim2 (625704) on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @09:01AM (#39856041)
    Ddd someone just use the word 'leverage' in a article title? Surely not! [] And what are those silly stock photos all about? I'm not sure I recognise the model of computer in the linked article.
  • Transcript (Score:5, Informative)

    by QuasiSteve (2042606) on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @09:22AM (#39856243)

    Title: Slashdot's SlashBI: All Your Busines Intelligence Info in One Place
    Description: SlashBI is a new site for the latest in business intelligence news and analysis, created each day by the industry's top experts, and produced by Slashdot.

    00:00) <TITLE>
    A small picture of "Nick Kowalski - Senior Editor, Geeknet" appears over a screenshot of the Slashdot website featuring the "Bitcoin Mining Startup gets $500k in Venture Capital" story which slowly zooms out.

    00:00) Nick>
    Slashdot is growing.
    We have exciting new sites in the works.

    00:04) <TITLE>
    The backdrop changes to that of a blurred view of the SlashBI page, that slowly becomes sharper, featuring the post "B.I. Analysts: Start with the Right Questions, Then Use Tools".

    00:04) Nick>
    The first one, SlashBI, focuses on the fast-changing world of Business Intelligence.

    00:11) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of a post with a tree graph from the "Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are driving the need for more storage." article.

    00:11) Nick>
    Its articles and opinion pieces, which are created by a mix of technologists and experts, field everything from BI fundamentals for businesses [...]

    00:18) <TITLE>
    The view changes to the "Choosing a Database That's Right for Your Business" post.

    00:18) Nick>
    [...] to choosing the right database.

    00:20) <TITLE>
    The view changes to an interview video.

    00:20) Nick>
    SlashBI will also feature videos of developers and other notable figures in BI.

    00:25) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of the "Salesforce EVP Byron Sebastian: Platform-as-a-Service Here to Stay" post.

    00:25) Nick>
    More companies than ever are relying on Business Intelligence apps that collect and analyze data.

    00:32) <TITLE>
    The view changes to a screenshot of another article listing a few BI mobile apps.

    00:32) Nick>
    With this information in hand, executives can make more informed choices [...]

    00:35) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of an overview of several SlashBI posts.

    00:35) Nick>
    [...] about everything from marketing and sales to production.

    00:37) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of several styles of BI analysis graphs

    00:37) Nick>
    Rapidly growing areas of Business Intelligence include predictive analytics, datamining and performance management.

    00:44) <TITLE>
    The view changes to a still of, identified by caption, "Crawford Del Prete - Executive Vice President, WW Research Products - IDC" as it fades to a graph with a generally upward trend.

    00:44) Nick>
    Research from IDC predicts the big data market will grow from $3.2B in 2010 to $16.9B in 2013.

    00:55) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of a car with a through-hood turbocharger with its engine shown.

    00:55) Nick>
    That's more than enough information growth to supercharge the BI sector.

    00:58) <TITLE>
    The view changes to an overview of SlashBI posts scrolling past.

    00:58) Nick>
    SlashBI's news stream will keep up-to-the-minute track of the latest acquisitions and software releases, [...]

    01:05) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of the "Death of the Salesmen: The Geeks Did It" op-ed post.

    01:05) Nick>
    [...] while its analysts and pundits offer a big picture view of the action.

    01:08) <TITLE>
    The view changes to that of a stylized head shown in profile with various technical elements within, and the text "Business Intelligence - []" overlaid on it.

    01:08) Nick>
    So, all the intelligence you'll need on Business Intelligence.

  • by amaupin (721551) on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @09:24AM (#39856261) Homepage

    You haven't defined a background-color for the body element, so it defaults to transparent. That means users will see whatever color they've told their web browser to default to as a background-color. No doubt you meant the site to have a white background, but you need to specify it. Browsing with an off-white color as my default, SlashBI looks pretty bad...

    Rookie css mistake that is embarassingly common.

  • Re:SlashPHB (Score:5, Informative)

    by TheSpoom (715771) < minus pi> on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @09:33AM (#39856355) Homepage Journal

    By the way, if anyone's looking for an alternative site with a good community, check Hacker News []. I've been reading it a lot more recently. It's not quite the same thing as Slashdot (less generic / IT geek, more startup / entrepreneur geek) but it's a decent addition or substitute, if it comes to that.

  • Re:SlashBI (Score:3, Informative)

    I think Bill Hicks was right, about what they should do...

  • Re:SlashBI (Score:0, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @11:35AM (#39857787)
    We already have that []

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